Aceste fotografii sunt mai mult decat simple fotografii: ele sunt adevarate povesti despre mancare. Si daca te-am facut sa iti zici "ce yummy arata!" inseamna ca am facut o treaba buna :)
Started in 2015 with Gabriela Urda (stylist and fashion blogger at, Closet Visit is a project about personal style and fashion sense of people around us. Not celebrities, not fashion models. Just women like you and me but who created their own personal approach. A deep introspection of the subject is made by Gabi through an interview while my lens capture the very personal style and little remarkable details.
Working with Gabi Urda as fashion stylist and with professional crew: models, make-up artists and hair stylists.
Portraiture is more than taking a photo to a person. A good portrait catches someone's personality: favorite gestures, specific mimics, the look inside the eyes. I like to make photos until the subject abandons his mask and reveals his true side.
Deco&lifestyle is the photography that captures architectural and interior design beauty. They are homes that you dreamed of, they are places that you'd love to go to, they are the things that you're in love with. Inspiring and mesmerizing.
For me, event photography is a photo journalistic approach. The set-up, the the public, the speakers, the reception - all are presented like little puzzle pieces from a whole big story. And I help you to tell that story.