Marius Tudosiei photographed for The PR Journal

Finally,  the newest edition of The PR Journal magazine is on the market now. It’s been a long time since I’ve made the photo shooting with Marius Tudosiei, in a warm and pleasant day of April. The interview was made by Mihaela Balea at Bacania Veche – The Charity Shop and some photos were taken right in the kitchen studio where Marius Tudosiei makes his cooking TV show.

Marius Tudosiei

I didn’t know him personally, but from his Facebook page “Bacania Veche” . I followed his project on the web from the idea and until the actual shop opening. I liked it a lot, the courage, the motivation, the struggle, the power to make it happen.

Now, I discovered in Marius a very nice person, always with a large smile on his face, open to discussion and introspection. He is so positive and optimistic that is almost contagious.

You can read the beginning of the interview and I’m almost sure that you’ll take the magazine to complete the reading. My photos with Marius Tudosiei can be seen in the Portfolio.

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