Made in Ro through my lens

It was a nice weekend at Made in Ro, so many artists with such beautiful / ingenious / cool creations. From clothes to kitchen decoration, from furniture pieces to jewelry, from toys to rope swings. When you’re looking for innovations, you must take a look in a fair like this. So, I had two days to wander between the exhibitors and to take pictures.

Below you can see a very short selection of my pictures with the exhibitors (many of them very joyful and ready to play with the camera).

IMG_9563 IMG_9587 IMG_9594 IMG_9612 IMG_9616 IMG_9625 IMG_9649 IMG_9664 IMG_9679 IMG_9703 IMG_9309 IMG_9358 IMG_9368 IMG_9384 IMG_9385 IMG_9399 IMG_9503 IMG_9514 IMG_9520 IMG_9522 IMG_9538 IMG_9539 IMG_9540 IMG_9542 IMG_9546

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